How Safe is your Business Data for Cyber Attacks

With the growing rise of Cyber Attacks, many businesses assume they are safe by using a combination of internet security and popular cloud storage packages. Too often, unfortunately their business and clients data is far from safe despite their best intentions

The problems with Onedrive cloud backups

Microsoft OneDrive “Cloud” backups are a popular choice for many business, as its included in the Office 365 Business suite.

Some limitations of Onedrive are as follows:

  1. Onedrive only does a “sync” of your data between the local laptop and the cloud. If you accidentally delete the folder/file it gets deleted in the cloud.
  2. Onedrive frequently stops due to windows updates or software bugs in other software. When this occurs, there is no warning, your data simply stops being backed up
  3. No verification of data backed up. There is no easy way to confirm that your data has been backed up successfully without doing daily spot checks of your data, which is very time consuming. 
  4. No Cyber Security Ransomware protection – If your computers get hit with a new cyber attack, ALL of your data is potentially  encrypted/lost, as this compromised data gets sync to the cloud
  5. Your Internet security software will only protect against “known” risks.  If your Internet security software has yet to release a security update,  then your data is  vulnerable
  6. If your cloud  account gets hacks your account, the hacker could delete or publish your data which have privacy breach concerns

Managed Cyber Security Backups

The easiest way to solve these issues is to implement a Managed Cyber Security Backups

A Managed Cyber Security Backup is partnering with an Managed service provider that will  manage and maintain all of your data backups for you.
They implement a Three Tiered backup policy and run real time daily monitoring and alerts to ensure your business data is safe. This could
local backups, short term daily cloud backups and long term cloud storage. This means you have no single point of failure.

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